Do You Want To Start A New Fitness Regime – But, Don’t Know Where To Start?


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This is probably true of a lot of people – they make the decision to get fit, do some research and get bombarded with information.

The guidance or advice given in books and on websites varies so much, and sometimes with conflicting information.  This confuses people all the more, because they don’t know what information is accurate, or what advice to follow.

In the beginning, it can seem really complicated but it really doesn’t have to be.  Just following some very simple tips can set you on the right path to improving your physical fitness, or achieving your weight loss goals.

In order not to confuse you further, I aim to keep this article nice and simple, and I suggest you watch the following video:  One Fitness Tip For Beginner’s (Must See If You Are New To Working Out)’ by DJFitnessTipsThis short 4 minute video gives some helpful tips for anyone just starting out with fitness.

Check out that video here:


Exercise For Beginners:  Some Helpful DOs and DON’Ts:

BEFORE YOU START A NEW FITNESS PROGRAMME – Visit your doctor or physician to ensure you are ‘medically‘ fit.

WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING – Ideally you want something that is comfortable to wear that is not too loose or baggy, and a pair of trainers are an absolute must.

WARM UP – Always warm up before starting any exercise.

GET ACTIVE – Do some kind of activity or exercise at least three days each week like running or swimming.

CARDIO – Do regular cardiovascular exercise like cycling or aerobics.

STRENGTH TRAINING – Incorporate strength training into your workouts using light-weight hand weights like dumbbells or a medicine ball, or free weight exercises like push ups or pull ups (always follow the proper form to avoid possible injury).

COOL DOWN – Always cool down properly after exercise.

STAY HYDRATED – Drink plenty of water or, alternatively, sports drinks, during and after exercise.

REST – Make sure you get plenty of rest in between your workouts to allow your body to recover.

EAT HEALTHILY – Eat a well-balanced diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables.

DON’T worry about the technical stuff, like how many sets/reps to do.

DON’T lift heavy weights when you first start out.

DON’T over think it – keep it simple.


Whether you choose to exercise at home or at the gym, you really don’t need to over complicate things.  Remember to stay safe and just keep it simple.

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