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I know the sound of the title ‘Fitness Training‘ may sound a little bit daunting – but, keeping fit and active should be an important part of all our lives.  Unfortunately, for a lot of people it isn’t a priority as they are just too busy – with work commitments, family (bringing up kids), keeping in touch with friends, who are also busy with their own work commitments, and their family, etc – you get the idea.

Sometimes though, it is because people don’t know where to start, or they simply find the idea of fitness boring!  Spending endless hours in the gym certainly isn’t for everyone.  But that doesn’t mean that you don’t exercise.  It just means that you need to find another way – a way that suits YOU, and YOUR schedule, and even YOUR personality!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before starting any new exercise programme, or changing your diet, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor or a nutritionist for advice.


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Physical Activity

Fitness training really doesn’t have to be boring – it can actually be FUN!  Plus, once you DO know where to start, and HOW to integrate keeping fit with your daily or even weekly routine, you will find it isn’t as difficult as you first thought.  You may already be doing some activities that DO count as being active and CAN help you keep fit, such as:

Okay, you may not already be doing the third one, but I just had to include it!  Hula hooping is a great way to get some exercise and it’s fun.  So why not give it a try – all you need is a hoop!


Yoga, Fitness Training

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There are times when simple activities, are not quite enough.  If you overindulge on food and beverages on holiday, for example, or maybe over Christmas and the New Year, you may find you have put on a few extra pounds.  When that happens, you need the kind of exercises that burn calories, and ultimately, help you to lose that extra weight.  I’m sure you’re thinking cardio exercise, and you would be right.  But here are a few suggestions that you may find helpful (and surprising!):


Weight Loss Diets

As well as exercising to try to lose weight, nutrition also plays a very important role in our weight loss or weight gain.  Eating a well-balanced diet is important, not only for our general health but, also to help maintain our weight at a healthy level.  Here are a few of the most well-known diets today:


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Abdominal Workouts

Quite often when people do put on weight (unintentionally), it tends to go right around their midsection.  This is also a place that is quite hard to shift weight from after, however, a combination of cardio exercises (to help burn away your stomach fat), with some abdominal exercises (to help tone your abs), should help to trim your waist.

Here are a few abdominal workout ideas to get you started:


Fitness Tools

When you have decided what kind of fitness training you are going to try, you may find these three articles helpful:


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